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Rice Krispies Treats® Snowmen
Thumbnil Rice Krispies Treats® Snowmen

Rice Krispies Treats® Snowmen

It only takes three ingredients, a few decorations, and a little imagination to turn The Original Rice Krispies Treats® into a fun, decorative dessert.

Prep Time: 15
Total Time: 15
Servings 8


  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 package (10 oz., about 40) regular marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 6 cups Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® cereal
  • Vanilla frosting
  • 16 pretzel sticks
  • Red string licorice or red pull-apart licorice
  • Assorted candies
  • Flaked coconut


1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.

2. Add KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIES cereal. Stir until well coated.

3. Using 1/2 cup measuring cup coated with cooking spray measure out eight 1/2-cup portions. Using 1/4 cup measuring cup coated with cooking spray divide remaining warm cereal mixture into 8 smaller portions. Using buttered hands shape large portions into 8 large balls and shape smaller portions into 8 small balls. Cool.

4. Place large balls on serving plates. Use frosting to attach a small ball to the top of each large ball. Decorate with additional frosting, pretzel sticks, licorice, assorted candies and coconut. Best if served the same day.


In microwave-safe bowl heat butter and marshmallows on high for 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes. Stir until smooth. Stir in cereal. Follow steps 3 and 4 above.


For best results, use fresh marshmallows

Diet, reduced calorie or tub margarine is not recommended.

Store no more than two days at room temperature in airtight container.