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Rice Krispies Treats® Football Field Snacks

Whether you're celebrating THE Big Game, college playoffs or high school football on down, these adorable Rice Krispies Treats® goal posts, footballs and mini football field gridirons are the perfect Treats™ for all ages!

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I put together a printable template to make creating the gridiron bar wrappers easy for you. Simply print out the mini football fields, and then cut out each wrapper. They’re the perfect size to wrap around your Rice Krispies Treats® Original bars, wrapped or unwrapped.

Making the goal posts is as simple as cutting out three rectangles from a Rice Krispies Treats® Original bar, and the yellow candy coating coordinates with the goal posts on the mini football field wrappers.

Finally, the mini footballs require slightly more work than the fields and goal posts, but they’re totally worth it – and starting with the Rice Krispies Treats® Original bars eliminates some of the work and mess. Trim the bars into an elongated diamond shape, and then use your fingers to round off the corners. Dip them each in melted chocolate, and then add the finishing details with white icing.

1. Start by melting your yellow and dark chocolate candies separately using two double burners. Don’t have double burners? You can use your microwave, or here’s another simple workaround.

2. While the candies are melting, begin creating the goal posts. I cut the first one out freehand, and then use it as a template for the rest of them. Simply cut three small rectangles out of a Rice Krispies Treats® Original bar, one rectangle in the center on top and two on either side on the bottom, as shown.

3. Dip the front of each goal post in the melted yellow candy. Use a small offset spatula to spread the candy melt out to completely cover the goal post. Allow it to cool completely, then add a second coat if desired and allow it to cool. 4. To make the footballs, unwrap 10 Rice Krispies Treats® Original bars. Cut each bar into an elongated diamond shape and then gently round the corners by pressing them with your fingers until you have a shape that resembles a football.

5. When the chocolate is melted, dip the front of each football into the chocolate and spread it out using a small offset spatula until it’s a thin layer. Allow the chocolate to cool completely (speed this up by popping them in the refrigerator for 5 minutes), and then add the stitching detail to each football using white squeezable icing.

6. To create the mini football fields, cut out 10 football field wraparounds using the printable template I created. Wrap the mini gridirons around each Rice Krispies Treats® Original bar (wrapped or unwrapped), and secure with a small piece of clear tape.

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