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Send a little love wherever they go,
with our Writable Wrapper.

Writable Wrappers

Not sure when to send a note? Let us help!

Check out these tips for when kids might need a little extra love (and how to say it).



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Love In Case Of...

Our kids could really use a little extra love right now. That’s why we created the “Love In Case Of” kit - to help identify the moments our kids need a boost, and to give parents a little guidance in what to say. Check out how some of our favorite influencers are using the limited edition kits below.

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A Little Love When It's Needed

Our Write on Wrapper isn’t just a place to scribble cute notes, it’s a way for you to be there for your kids wherever, and whenever, they need a little reminder of your love.

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Kids need a little extra love

Rice Krispies Treats surveyed kids ages 6-12 (along with their parents) and discovered some major moments when parents underestimate the love and support kids need during the school year.


kids who want extra love

when they start at a new school


kids who want extra love

when they try out for a sports team


kids who want extra love

when they get a bad grade


kids who want extra love

when they meet a new teacher