Now More Kids Can Feel the Love

Rice Krispies Treats partners with Autism Speaks to create touch-and-feel sensory ‘Love Notes’.



SJ's Story

SJ's Story

Rice Krispies Treats knows that love and support are the most important school supplies. Our write-on wrappers let parents send loving messages in kids’ lunchboxes. But not every child communicates love through words.

We partnered with Autism Speaks to create touch-and-feel sensory ‘Love Notes’ so children like SJ can actually feel a reminder of love from home. So, they too can take on new transitions with extra support.

Every child needs love and support. Now there’s a new way to share it.

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Sensory Stickers

Touch-and-Feel Sensory Stickers

Set of four, lightly reusable stickers designed for children on the autism spectrum to feel love through a range of calm colors and different textures – including fleece, faux fur, satin and velour. Simply place over the write-on heart on Rice Krispies Treats’ wrapper and share the love!


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Braille Stickers

Braille Stickers

The heart-shaped Braille stickers line up with the heart on the Rice Krispies Treats wrapper. Each sheet has eight phrases, from “You’ve Got This” to “Love You Lots.” Simply pick one and place it on a Rice Krispies Treats square!


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About the Love Notes Program

Rice Krispies Treat resting on a music stand with sheet music.

Rice Krispies Treats’ writeable wrappers let parents send their children loving notes from home with a sweet treat to brighten their day. But not all children respond to love through a written note. So, this year, we partnered with Autism Speaks to create sensory ‘Love Notes’ for children on the autism spectrum to be able to actually ‘feel’ love through soft textures and calm colors. We’re also continuing to offer Braille ‘Love Notes’ to share love with children who are blind and low-vision. So now, even more children can head back to school with a little extra love and support.

Eme's Story

Eme's Story

Eme is funny, spirited, musically gifted– and she also happens to be blind. She’s been paving the way for all kids to learn about the power of music, because she knows that anyone can reach their full potential with love and support.

Eme helped inspire the development of ‘Love Notes’ Braille stickers and audio boxes, so that children like her can get messages with their Rice Krispies Treats just like anyone else.

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